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Introducing my revolutionary SPF15 Clear Brow Gel, the ultimate solution for flawlessly defined eyebrows that stay protected from the sun all day long. Crafted with precision and innovation, this SPF-infused with aloe brow gel not only enhances your brows but also shields them from harmful UV rays, ensuring your micoblading/shading lasts beyond your last session.


But that's not all. My long-lasting formula is designed to offer impeccable hold and definition, effortlessly shaping your brows to perfection. With its lightweight texture and buildable coverage, you can achieve your desired look, from natural to bold, without any white flaking.


Style by dabbing the tip onto the brow/skin, then use the brush to brush in upwards motion for desired style. This product is great for a lamination look but acts as a dual purpose for SPF protection. Use SPF Clear Brow Gel and enjoy the confidence of flawless, sun-protected brows every day.

SPF Clear Brow Gel

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